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About Yongucase Introduction

Foshan Nanhai Yonggu Hardware Products Co., Ltd was established in 2004,till now with 20 years of history.

Yongu is a service-oriented intelligent manufacturer focusing on the aluminum housing, which located in Foshan China, the center of Aluminum city. We have integrated R&D,production, sale and service etc and committed to industry design with structure,high advanced appearance, production feasibility, production unit cost, function etc.

Although Yongu enclosure are made of metal or aluminum,all the item was R&D by our team members,who devote big efforts in order to make every item with their thoughts and soul.Our mission is that committed to providing first-class housing solutions for global electronic equipment.Innovative and intelligent technology company for the enclosure, can make design and personalized customization.

Our product support is available in different countries, with engineers and designers specializing in custom electronic enclosures to make your ideas come true.outdoor projects etc.Marketing cover Europe and USA,Korea,Australia etc, end user including Instrumentation,Rail,telecommunication,and is committed to providing the best customer service for client worldwide.

enclosure china manufacture history
Yongu History
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yongucase R&D profession team
Yongu R&D
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Yongu Factory
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Excellent after-sales service
Yongu Team
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Huajun Jiang- CEO

”We have been dedicated to the continuous development of the industrial electronic equipment casing industry for more than 20 years, constantly developing new products, and providing customers with one-stop electronic casing solution services. The Chinese meaning of yongu is to make metal stable and eternal.

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Video conference

New-style communication is used with our customers across the world.Video conference is established for you to visit our showroom anytime anywhere

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Product lifecycle managment

The PLM system, as a bridge between customers and engineers,is used to collect the customers' demands and store drawings designed by our engineers.

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Client resourcing management

A professional CRM system is established to manage our customers'details such as quotation, contract, specific requirements etc..

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Enterprise resourcing management

ERP system is a system that transmits order information to the factory and tracks the progress of the order. This provides clarity of information to customers.

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Team Work


The university majors in mechanical design and manufacturing, has rich experience in factory operation, is familiar with overseas market products and customer requirements, and can formulate product process solutions well in combination with product requirements and factory processes.

Excellent after-sales salesman
Benny Ye
Technical support

Working on overseas marketing more than 6 years ,withexperience of visiting overseas company in USA and Europe.Now we prefer to use video meeting to understand each other,such as enclosure solution ,electronic enclosure design ,function enclosure design such as waterproof,dustproof,anti-collision etc,We proceed and follow up request with our system CRM,PLM,ERP to be more professional.

YONGUCASE Excellent marketing
Nina Lee
Overseas marketing

Karry has great experience on industiral deisgn solution providing and production feasibility analysis,is familiar with overseas maekets on aluminum enclosure.Karry holds a Bachelor's degree in Metal Materials Engineering.

Yongucase Excellent after-sales salesman
Karry He

With 8 years of human resources management, i am good at team building and construction.After 3 years of marketing management, i am committed to building a marketing ecosystem around customer value.In Yongucase,all of us are making efforts to provide Best-in-class enclosure solutions.

aluminum enclosure manufacture director in charge
Huaizhou Zhang
Director in charge

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