Yongu Sample Showroom

 FRONT DESK- aluminum enclosure-yongucase

Yongu Front Desk

We make video meeting with our overseas clients,in this way we can make drawing by hand or by computer based on discussion.Engineer or technical people will attend meeting as well.

sample aluminum enclosure - reception room

Reception Room

 The reception room is equipped with lounge sofas, some client come to visit can have a rest in this place, also sometimes it hosts some staff events.

COMPANY CULTURE -China enclosure manufacture -yongucase

Company Culture

Yonggu was founded in 2004.It's Mission is committed to providing first-class enclosure solutions for global electronic equipment.

enclosure sample show room - yongucase

Sample Showing Desk

Most of the standard products on our official website will be shown on sample desk  , including19-inch case,IP68 waterproof case,small electronic enclosure, special instrument enclosureetc.


International Certificate

Passed a number of international certifications to ensure quality and are widely trusted by customers.It was issued by overseas Lab,certificates including CE,ROHS,REACH,IP68 etc.

yongucase -MAIN ENTRANCE

Main Entrance

The main entrance is the entrance of the exhibition hall. There are our product display racks on both sides, displaying large-scale chassis and amplifier  Box.

yongucase sample room
Aluminum Enclosure

Aluminum  enclosures  include  junction boxes IP68 outdoor waterproof enclosuresbattery boxes, DIN Rail enclosuresEMI Sheilding Enclosures, wall mount enclosures etc. Sizes can  be custom  according to customer needs.

We have more than thousands of  tooling to fix width and height,length can be customization.If you'd like to new size based on your new design,we also can make extruded tooling with width,height,length can be changed. 

Our aluminum enclosures are designed by the newest technology, it can be anodized, color dyed to your liking, laser engraved or silk prinitng.Any customization can be made for your desired aluminum enclosure by our professional design team, granting you less stress for designing. Just tell us your ideas and who knows your products may be the best in its field.

yongu sample room
Rack Mount Enclosure

Except 19inch Rack mount enclosure,we also R&D a lot of new instrument enclosure with unique design.

 Width,height(1U/ 2U/ 3U /4U/ other height),length can be customized based on your requirement.As well as color via anodizing,printing via silk printing,laser printing,cutouts via CNC, Processing via Three -Axis,CNC Four-Axisor CNC Five-Axis.

 It has higher CNC machining accuracy, more cost-effective mass production modular method,  more fashionable  blue  color matching with industry style, easier replacement of different  sizes,and widely used various instruments and equipment.

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