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What is R&D?

The full name of R&D is Research And Development. In the field of aluminum enclosure industry, creative activities to increase the total amount of aluminum case knowledge and use this knowledge to create new equipment scene applications, including market research, structural inspection, product analysis, function realization ,user research. As a one-stop intelligent industrial manufacturer.

 YONGU includes business negotiation, design research, design services, processing and production, and realizes the process from creativity to implementation.

 R&D team -yongucase
Research & Development Team

The yongu industrial design department has been established for 17 years, and 10+ designers have rich design experience at the same time. We provide product appearance design, structural design, quick proofing services.We adhere to people-oriented innovative ideas, design with safety first, take into account design aesthetics, and match technical feasibility with user needs, so as to win market opportunities for customers and realize

How To Made Industrial Design Products


Design analysis

Product Human-Machine Analysis

Design requirements analysis

Competitive Brand Analysis

user research analysis

Industry Trend Analysis

Design Trend Analysis

Product CMF Analysis


Appearance design

Sketch ideas

Design Review and Modification Confirmation

Modeling rendering renderings production

Rendering review and revision

Appearance modeling and scheme design confirmation

Appearance process instruction manual


Structural design

3D modeling

layout design, proofreading

Processing technology analysis

Production drawing

Structure confirmation

In design analysis, we provide: design demand analysis, competitive brand analysis, user research analysis, industry trend analysis, design trend analysis, product CMF analysis, product human-machine analysis and other services

Provide in appearance design: design report file (PPT), appearance three-dimensional file (STP) renderings (PNG), description of appearance renderings (JPG), silk screen files (CDR)

Structural design we provide: Structural 3D File (STP), Patent File Drawing (JPG), Engineering Drawing (DWG)

The engineering team provides services such as product life cycle management, customized project solutions, functional testing, etc.

R & D Finished Product Design Case

amplifier enclosure
aluminum rack mount enclosure
server chassis
server chassis
waterproof enclosure
junction box
R&D team
yongucase- custom enclosure design

R&Dccording to the customer's design requirements, formulate a set of plans that can achieve the goals, collect data, make careful judgments on the objects related to the design content, and put forward achievable reports, study the corresponding design ideas and strategies, and make them consistent with the actual structure.

Market research

Market segmentation and research, competition analysis, cost estimation, brand analysis, trend forecasting

 Structural inspection

Structural rationality inspection, adjustment of internal structure details, prediction of processing steps

 Product analysis

Brand tone, product style, image definition, market positioning, modeling element analysis

 Function realization

Reasonable setting can realize the function. Rational adjustment of ergonomics, top manufacturing operation logic, improved user experience

 User research

User overall analysis, user usage habits, usage scenario analysis

 Production processes

Formulate specific production steps, material selection, process selection, processing methods and cost control

New Product Development

S series:

Portable bending case, uniquely designed case shell, there are four plastic corners to protect the four corners, the overall structure consists of upper and lower bending cover plates, front and rear panels, and two unique profiles on the inner side, which will greatly reduce the surface screws, width The height can be customized, the interior space is larger, and the leather handle design can also be provided for better comfort when carrying!

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