Shipping and Terms

Aluminium case shipping method
Shipping Around The World

 We offer 6 shipping methods

EMS-FEDEX-TNT-UPS-DHL-Freight Forwarding

The express arrival time will be determined according to your country, generally 5 days in Asia; 7-9 days in Europe; 10-15 days in America.

If you have your own freight forwarder, we can carry out cooperative delivery or delivery(Freight forwarding)

International express shipping method -yongucase

aluminum enclosure packing

Multiple Modes Of Transportation

DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx"Door to door" - door-to-door pickup, including customs clearance and delivery.(Some countries and regions and goods package tariffs)Small batches (less than 30kg, some channels less than 4kg, including documents).The main service of international express is samples and small batches of aluminum casings, so the starting price is lower than that of air freight, and the timeliness is faster. International express companies have their own service systems and networks, which are more convenient for tracking and inquiries , and there will be detailed

AIR FREIGHT - rack mount enclosure

AIR Freight


short shipping time


SEA Transportation

lowest cost

Great transportation capacity

RAIL TRANSPORT - server chassis

Rail Transport

 24/7 shipping

Inexpensive bulk shipping;

Safe And Undamaged Receipt

Due to the corona virus, our shipments are sanitized by alcohol before sending

International express can be tracked on the express company's website by the waybill number.

 International air freight: For traditional international air freight, you can check the airline's website with the bill of lading number.

Of course, we will also update your logistics in real time after the sale to ensure that the receipt is intact.