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Yongu, located in Dali, Nanhai, Foshan, Weiye International Building,Founded in 2004, is a professional designer and manufacturer of a variety of aluminium enclosures.

Covering the area of more than 15,000 square meter, Yongu operates with an advanced intelligent management system to ensure efficient and high-quality processing and production. At present, the annual production capacity can achieve as high as 20,000 pcs.

The factory is equipped with various types of high-precision processing equipment such as: cnc multi-axis machining center, laser equipment, stamping equipment, sheet metal bending machine, anodizing and other surface treatment equipment. A variety of metal processing techniques can be realized: cutting, bending, punching, riveting, etc. The entire processing and production process is strictly controlled, assisted by a digital system and managed globally, and multiple production lines are produced in parallel to achieve ultra-high efficiency.

aluminum enclosure factory

At the same time, a complete and rigorous quality inspection system is adopted to ensure stable and excellent quality. Our products are ceritified with Reach, SGC,CE.

We can provide one-stop customized solutions including Industrial Design,Mould Making, Sample Making and mass production for enclosures and housings applied in Electronic devices(e.g.PCB, Power bank),Communication devices,Medical devices, Industrial Control, Monitoring/Testing/Measuring devices,Security&Protecting devices, Rail transit, Vehicle terminals,Sensor boxes,Controller boxes

 CNC punch equipment
 CNC punch equipment
Laser equipment
bending equipment
CNC  equipment

Cutting raw materials the raw materials are divided into profiles and plates,the profiles are processed by a precision CNC sawing machine, and the plates are processed by a high-power laser.

Three-axis CNC machining, such as a chassis, requires a good control of the time and cutting edge when editing the CNC program, and the main thing is to ensure the assembly accuracy of the chassis. Matters needing attention: The overall assembly accuracy and processing time of the chassis will be relatively long

(pay attention to the optimization of the program to improve efficiency)

 Four-axis and five-axis CNC machining, such as power amplifier panels, according to the drawings provided by customers, the complexity of CNC machining is relatively high, and it is required to control the time and cutting force when editing the CNC program. There are many angles, and there are several inclined planes, which require four-axis and five-axis processing at one time. Matters needing attention: The processing time will be relatively long (pay attention to the optimization of the program to improve the efficiency). Suggestion: It is necessary to process the fixture to ensure the processing accuracy.

CNC equipment
Mold Modeling

The enclosure  is extruded from aluminum alloy profiles, that is to say, the shell is heated to a certain temperature by the extruder in the aluminum alloy raw material, and the profiles are extruded through the mold. The baffle is stamped die or laser cut. Some baffles can also be formed by die casting. Like our waterproof case. After machining, tap the chamfer.

Surface Grinding Process

The surface grinding process, whether it is wire drawing or sand blasting, needs to be polished to remove the burrs of the chassis processing, and then wire drawing or sand blasting.

 Note: In particular, the grinding of the assembly size must be strictly controlled.

 Anodization Surface Treatment, the uniformity of color is required to be consistent, especially sheet and profile are two materials. Precautions: Compare swatches to control color.

aluminum enclosure packing
Electronic equipment enclosure

Packing And Shipping

During the packaging process, we also carefully inspect the goods for the second time.

EPE bag is used for packaging. We use EPE bag for electronic casing packaging. The material of EPE bag is also degradable. The outer surface of the carton is wrapped with corners, which has a full protective effect.!


EPE bag


Be delivered


Corner Carton

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