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4.0 Intelligent Digital Factory

In 2022, in order to better serve customers, we already upgrade production equipment, increase production capacity, and improve product quality. The new industrial 4.0 digital factory is officially launched! Yonggu new factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters and adopts advanced intelligent management system to ensure efficient and high-quality processing and production.

We can provide electronic equipment enclosure (such as PCB, mobile power), communication equipment , medical equipment, industrial control, monitoring/test/measurement, security equipment, rail transit, vehicle terminals, sensor boxes, controller boxes, etc. We provide one-stop customized enclosure solutions for industrial electronic design, tooling making, sample custom and batch enclosure custom

China enclosure manufacture

Upgrade production equipment!

The factory is equipped with all kinds of high-precision processing equipment, such as: on the first floor there are 60 sets cnc multi-axis machining centers, 3 sets laser equipment, 3 sets stamping equipment, 5 sets sheet metal bending machines, and the equipment is fully upgraded to achieve a variety of metal processing technologies: Cutting, bending, punching, riveting, etc.

CNC Technician - CNC Operating Equipment
laser equipment

Cutting raw materials :Raw materials are divided into profiles and plates. The profiles are processed by precision CNC sawing machines, and the plates are processed by high-power lasers.

  • Three-axis CNC machining, such as a chassis, requires a good control of the time and cutting edge when editing the CNC program, and the main thing is to ensure the assembly accuracy of the chassis. Matters needing attention: The overall assembly accuracy and processing time of the chassis will be relatively long
  • Four-axis and five-axis CNC machining such as power amplifier panels, according to the drawings provided by customers, the complexity of CNC machining is relatively high, and it is necessary to control the time and cutting force when editing the CNC program. There are many angles and inclined planes, and four-axis and five-axis machining are required at the same time. Note: The processing time will be longer (pay attention to the optimizer to improve efficiency). Suggestion: The jig needs to be processed to ensure the processing accuracy.
Riveting equipment
CNC equipment
UV printing equipment
tooling making

Fully automatic anodizing line!

At that time, we will have a fully automatic anodizing treatment line on the third floor: 20 anodizing pools, 5 sandblasting machines, 3 brushed machines, and a 1,000-square-meter open space to place CNC milling aluminum parts, greatly reducing aluminum The whole processing production efficiency is increased by 4 times, the process is strictly controlled, the digital system is assisted, the global management, and multiple production lines are produced in parallel to achieve ultra-high efficiency.

Mold modeling

The shell is extruded from an aluminum alloy profile, that is, the shell is heated to a certain temperature by an extruder in the aluminum alloy raw material, and the profile is extruded through a die. The baffles are stamped die or laser cut. Some baffles can also be formed by die casting. Just like our waterproof case. After machining, tap the chamfer.

Surface grinding process

The surface grinding process, whether it is wire drawing or sand blasting, requires grinding to remove the burrs of the chassis processing, and then wire drawing or sand blasting.(Note: Grinding of assembly dimensions in particular must be strictly controlled.)

Anodized surface treatment, the uniformity of color is required to be consistent, especially the sheet and the profile are two materials. Notes: Compare swatches to control color.

As a high-tech enterprise, yongucase should undertake the obligation to protect the environment. Therefore, a sewage purification and treatment system is established to specially treat waste water, waste gas and waste residue.After treatment, it can reach the level that can be directly discharged, and achieve manufacturing and environmental protection.

Equipped with smart warehouse!

After the production department completes the product manufacturing, the quality inspection department will check the quality of the products one by one. We adopt a complete and rigorous quality inspection system to ensure stable and excellent product quality, all of which have passed Reach, SGC, and CE certification.

 If there is a defect, the quality inspection department will rework or scrap the product, and the product that passes the quality inspection will be placed in the corresponding box. Each cargo space and the cargo box are matched by the corresponding bar code. From the shelf of the goods to the product selection, the intelligent system performs the judgment and operation, which can eliminate the situation of picking the wrong goods due to human factors.

Intelligent Storage Warehouse
Smart Warehouse - Aluminum Housing

The electronic housing products shipped are all packaged in EPE degradable material bags, and the carton is equipped with protective corners to ensure that the products are delivered to customers safely.

5G + Industry 4.0 technology upgrade

yongucase will promote 5G + Industry 4.0 technology upgrade, "integration of three modernizations" to build a highly flexible intelligent digital factory, realize intelligent interaction in all scenarios, lay a solid foundation for building a resilient liberalized supply chain system, and promote scientific and technological reform with down-to-earth and single-mindedness.

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