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4U Server Case


    Aluminum 19" 4U Electronic Server Rack Chassis For Electronics Instrument

    Our rackmount 19" chassis can be used for benchtop instruments, portable equipment, mounting enclosures. We can provide housing hardware with handles for use as portable instruments that are easy to remove and install. Our 19 inch rackmount industrial enclosures can be customized 1U enclosure, 2U enclosure, 3U enclosure , 4U enclosures according to your design, perfectly fit your product features and functions, please confirm to artificial aesthetics and high value.

    Noted that 4U = 7.007874" (178 mm)

    We provide retail, batch custom, sample custom enclosures(All NO MOQ), use the contact form or call our sales team on (+86) 17708670860 for more information and a quotation.

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    19 Inch Equipment Rack 4U - Yongu Case
    19 Inch Equipment Rack 4U - Yongu Case
    19 Inch Equipment Rack 4U
    19 Inch Rack Cabinet 4U - Aluminum Chassis Box-Aluminum Chassis Box-Instrument Enclosure-Custom Aluminum Enclosure-Yongu Case
    19 Inch Rack Cabinet 4U - Custom Aluminum Enclosures Electronics-DIE Cast Aluminum Housing-Aluminum Chassis Box-Yongu Case
    4U Server Chassis Rackmount Case
    from $188.00
    19 Inch 4U Electronic Enclosure - Yongu Case
    19 Inch 4U Electronic Enclosure
    Micro Switch Server Case - Yongu Case
    Micro Switch Server Case - Yongu Case
    19 Inch Rack Enclosure 4U
    from $188.00
    Rack 4U OEM ODM Box - C24B - Yongu Case
    Rack 4U OEM ODM Box - C24B - Yongu Case
    Rack 4U OEM Box 19Inch
    from $219.00
    yongucase 4U case
    19inch server case
    19 Inch Project 4U Chassis
    from $188.00
    Electronic 4U Enclosure - C16C - Yongu Case
    Electronic 4U Enclosure - C16C - Yongu Case
    Electronic 4U Enclosure - C16C


    19inch standard server chassis we didn't provide handle,but if you need it ,we can sell you in additionally.And you will have to make cutouts on front panel to fix handle.Standard 4U handle or other shape CNC handle can be chosen.

    We can use laser to make conductive on some specific enclosure location.

    Yes,we can make another design for you so that only remove front panel then can carry out maintence.

    We can use blind stud ,so it is not visible from outside.

    Customized service

    From Apperance:CNC printing/UV printing/Silk printing/Laser printing etc,we can customize the color and content for printing.
    From Practicality:We can make different cutouts for different rack mount enclosure application, such as as hole for Ethernet,Oled or other display,Fan exhaust,power jack,Led etc

    Surface Treatment:Black/Silver/Grey/Blue/Red/Gold/Yellow/Green etc via Anodizing/Powder painting

    Custom Size :Width/Length can be changed flexible ,Height can be changed via 1U/2U/3U/4U etc

    Adding other hardware: such as fasteners(specific screw,reverting bolts,blind bolts,stud), handles,liner, rubber feet,PMMA for screen etc.

    Custom other function:conductive/non conductive/Surtec 650/Alodine surface treatment

    Certificates:CE/ROHS/REACH Approved.

    19 inch rack mount case-server case -rack chassis

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    Please contact us,we will provide a enclosure solution for your project box as soon as possible!

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