Our Team

In Yongu ,we live like a family, work hard together, and grow together. Our mission is to provide first-class housing solutions for electronic equipment around the world, so we adhere to the principles of integrity, responsibility, rigor, focus, and dedication to serve customers

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aluminum enclosure manufacture - yongucase Employee
Professional R&D Team

The R&D department  is our core department. The entire department consists of 10 professional designers who have been in the case for over 5 years. They are dedicated and serious in their work, and they are active and interesting when they are active with our other teams.

In the main work, he is responsible for continuously providing new products and optimizing old products to Yongying Company, developing new high-tech shells, providing better and better aluminum shell protection for electronic products in the new era, and leading the development of the electronic shell industry. 

Provide customers with electronic equipment housing solutions. During the process of exchanging housing solutions with customers, we will popularize product knowledge on the chassis, including structural knowledge, appearance knowledge and production knowledge. Learn more about our industrial design services

aluminum enclosure R&D team
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Marketing Team

 The foreign trade marketing team is composed of foreign trade salesmen, website operators, foreign trade assistants, drawing engineers, and artists, and is responsible for connecting with foreign customers and developing foreign markets.

Through professional communication knowledge and rich sales experience, we can accurately grasp the needs of customers from the perspective of customers, and at the same time recommend corresponding products and solutions according to customer needs, and ultimately help customers solve problems.

 After the customer obtains the product, it will continue to follow up the customer's usage, and design optimization and mass production will be carried out according to the test situation to meet the customer's needs.

Production Department

We have two factories, the proofing factory is responsible for a small number of proofing and customization, and the batch factory is responsible for mass production. The clear work will improve the production efficiency.

 The second factory is the oxidation factory, which is responsible for the oxidation coloring and surface treatment of all the company's products.

 There are special quality inspectors in the three factories. The quality inspection department will strictly control the product quality and carefully check every detail of the product.


Here are some photos of our outdoor activities, we insist on the combination of work and rest to better serve our customers

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team building -aluminum enclosure - yongucase
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team building- aluminum enclosure
team building - yongucase