IP55 Waterpoor Box

IP68 waterproof enclosure

Service Yongu Provided On IP68 Aluminum Enclosure

Custom Cutouts

Button/Relay/Power Jack/Led/RJ45 port etc

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Custom Logo

Silk/UV/Laser/CNC Printing

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Custom Color

Black/Silver/Grey/Blue/Red/Gold/Yellow/Green etc

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Custom Size

Size Can Be Changed via Profile

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Custom Other Components:

Screw,Reverting bolts,Blind bolts,Stud,Liner etc

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Custom other function

Conductive/Non conductive/Surtec 650/Alodine

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    IP55 Waterpoor Box 

    This is IP55 waterproof box specialist in battery junction design. It can protect from water and rain.
    No minimum order quantity, we can manufacture from just 1 piece.Standard manufacturing lead time is 9 to 20 business days (subject to change by the requirements).

    We provide retail, batch custom, sample custom enclosures(All NO MOQ), use the contact form or call our sales team on (+86) 17708670860 for more information and a quotation.

    2 products
    69W30H Extruded Enclosure - Yongu Case
    69W30H Extruded Enclosure - Yongu Case
    69W30H Extruded Enclosure
    65W25H Custom Waterproof Box - Yongu Case
    65W25H Custom Waterproof Box - Yongu Case
    65W25H Custom Waterproof Box
    aluminum enclosure

    The outer casing of Yongucase IP68 waterproof series is made of high-quality aluminum, and the size can be customized. There are various pcb installation methods that can be easily inserted into the casing. The enclosures are reasonably resistant to corrosion, with over 30 different standard aluminum enclosures and IP68 weatherproof junction boxes to choose from, giving you the freedom to choose your enclosure. At the same time, we provide professional enclosure solutions, including structural design and appearance design. Our engineers can all help you find the right enclosure to ensure your project box is protected.

     Possible Applications

    • Offshore Equipment
    • Automated Industry
    • Utility Infrastructure
    • Defense System

       Advantages Of Our Ip68 Waterproof Box

    • IP68 Waterproof Rating Certificate
    • Sufficient Size Can Be Customized
    • Rugged For Heavy Duty Use.
    • Impact-Resistant Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure.
    • With Or Without Wall Mount
    • Distribution Ring Helps Keep Water And Dust Out.
    • Sufficient In Stock, Ready To Shi

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