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YONGU has a forward-looking scientific research team. Centered the core on" One-station case solution come true". Continue to move forward on the road of product innovation, continue to promote product upgrades, improve customer experience, and strive to bring a beautiful appearance to technology.

Why Choose Yongu?

Quick Replies: For a long time, Yongu has been delivering the attitude of "fast and extreme" to customers, 24-hour online customer service, and attentively provide each customer with the most extreme service.

Rapid Design: We have more than 20 technical engineers who can provide relevant technical support file for customers within 2 days, and can quickly provide solutions according to customer needs, and create value for each customer attentively.

Rapid Delivery: Continue strong investment in production technology, integrate various technical resources, incubate a large number of technical talents, achieve industrial progress and development, and support "NO MOQ, Rapid Delivery".

Promote the technological upgrade of 5G + Industry 4.0 and commited to become a modern intellient aluminum enclosure manufacturer with more than 10K squre meter production line.


19" Standard Server Enclosure

High quality aluminum material have the characteristics of reasonable design, firm structure and beautiful appearance

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How To Work With Yongu?

Yongu helps save time and money. Have an electronic enclosure solution that meets your exact needs!

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Experience From Our Team

When i was in school,my major is engining and design,then after many years military experience,
I start my first business in In 2004.Yonggu brand was established in Guangzhou Sega Electronic City.which means Yonggu enter the enclosure industry,Yonggu in Chinese meaning is that make metal stable and forever.
Product line cover Electronic equipment housing and audio and video amplifier enclosure or chassis etc.

aluminum enclosure manufacture ceo
Huajun Jiang

Design is a language that turns things in ideas into reality. R&D department core is that integrates the innovation resources of the entire company. Previous products will pay attention to practicality. In addition to practicality, the current products will also have requirements for their appearance, which can drive them to improve their craftsmanship. Good service and good products, this is our original intention

Industrial Equipment Appearance Designer
Jun Zhao Deng
R&D department

From 1997 to 2006,I have been working in production for 19 years.
About design, it need one person who are furnished with production experience.For the first begining he already take enclosure cost ,technology processing ,structure ,function etc into consideration. The enclosure solution we provide can be come true by our factory.

Industrial Equipment Structural Designer
Hong Bing Xu
Structure Engineer

l have been in Yongu as a engineer since February 2011 to 2016.
Then from 2016-2021 ,i am in overseas department as technical support to make video meeting or make drawing for overseas clients.More important is that when we use Zoom video meeting,I can darw what you need by hand,then we confirm at our first time each other,which can save your time and more convenient.

Industrial Equipment Engineer
Wei Xu
Overseas department
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