I was born in 1980, Zhejiang, China.

The yongu brand was established in Guangzhou Sega Electronics City in 2004.

We have been developing continuously in the instrumentation industry for more than 20 years, and continue to develop new products to provide customers with one stop electronic enclosure solution services.

At yongucase, we are proud to be able to meet customer requirements with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and most importantly What's more, we can provide solutions that consistently deliver superior results. We value our customers' opinions and for over 20 years our reputation for providing "electronic enclosures" products has grown.

yongucase ceo -huajun jiang
yongucase Company Culture
Company Culture

Our Mission: Committed to providing first-class enclosure solutions for global aluminum enclosure

Our Vision: To be the world's leading manufacturer of aluminum enclosures

Our values: Science and technology condense dreams, create ideals of life with wisdom 

Business strategic plan: 5G + Industry 4.0 technology upgrade.

Build a highly flexible digital factory and realize intelligent interaction in all scenarios. 

We are all full of expectations for the future, and Yongu will be listed in the near future.

 At the same time, all employees of YONGU will continue to strive to maximize customer value through growth and development.

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