Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case
Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case
Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case
Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case
Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case
Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure - Yongu Case

Aluminum 2U Rack Enclosure

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High quality enclosure with design aluminum rack mount Box.

Description QTY(PCS)
Side Panel 2
Screw decoration 8
Top side panel fixing 2
Bottom side panel fixing 2
ABS plastic nut sleeve 14
Screws M3X14 8
Screws M3X6 26
Inner liner plate 1
Front & Rear Panel 2
Handle 2
Hexagon Cup Head Screw M3X8 16
Hexagon countersunk head screws M3X8 8
Square nut M3 14
Rear protection part 2
Nut M3X1 8
Rear Machine Foot 2
Left and right beams 1
Bottom Plate 1
Steel Ball 2
Front Machine Footut 2
Spring 2
Screw M6X10 2
Front and rear beams 4
Top Plate 1

Industrial Interconnection

industrial equipment
Industry Box  Industrial



Yes, but not recommended, because the rack mount chassis as a whole is professionally designed and has a patented appearance and structure.

If the length and width are changed, it may affect the appearance of the whole machine.

The length, width and height of the rack mount chassis can be customized, the width and height can be customized arbitrarily, and the length can be increased or decreased according to the modularization of 50mm or 100mm profiles

It is polished during processing, so it will rust, and it can be painted to prevent rust.

No, the thickness of rack mount chassis is structured and tested. If the thickness is reduced, it will affect the structure and the screws inside will be exposed.

aluminum enclosure sample showroom
aluminum enclosure
Sample Showroom
We understand the importance of details better
than anyone in the electronics enclosure industry!
Provide sample custom services to help you realize your vision
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Product design case

Unique industrial design

Yongu custom designed electronic enclosure saves time and money, we will send out your design drawings within 12 hours.The yongu industrial design department has been established for 17 years, and 10+ designers have rich design experience at the same time. We provide product appearance design, structural design, quick proofing services.

We deeply integrate industrial design into the PLM workflow by customizing the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) product management system. Below are the services we provide.

Design analysis: design demand analysis, competitive brand analysis, user research analysis, industry trend analysis, design trend analysis, product CMF analysis, product human-machine analysis and other services
Appearance design: design report file (PPT), appearance three-dimensional file (STP) rendering (PNG), description of appearance rendering (JPG), silk screen file (CDR)

Structural Design: Structural 3D File (STP), Patent File Drawing (JPG), Engineering Drawing (DWG)

Engineering: Provide product life cycle management, customized project solutions, functional testing and other services.

Complete custom-to-delivery process

Aluminum enclosure production process

Real customers, Real reviews


Thank you for Yongucase and i am very happy to work with you.As my company ,it is growing so fast now ,we have more needs for aluminum enclosure as a sheet metal forming or CNC maching.I will keep you updated on this project ,i really apperciate for your quick response and fantastic cooperation always.

yongucase aluminum enclosure custom
Dr. Malitha
Sri Lanka Customers

Working with Yongucase several years, it is strong product! You will make many boxes for us.The quality of the aluminum is excellent.
I will keep you posted on any future developments.

yongucase aluminum enclosure ccustom
US Customers

Working with Yonggu gives us the feeling we are working with an internal part of our company. Ja the quick replies and easy communication is key to us. They understand our needs and are able to make a product enclosure from just a simple sketch. They help thinking about best solutions and make sure quality matters. We will keep working together on long term!

aluminum enclosure customers
Martin Ciesluk
Netherland Customers
aluminum enclosure Exhibition
China enclosure manufacture Exhibition
China manufacture enclosure yongu
Electronic and electrical enclosure exhibition
aluminum enclosure customers

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