According To The Basic Processing Methods Of  Sheet Metal Enclosures Design  The Following Materials, Bending, Stretching, Forming And Welding. This Specification Describes The Process Requirements That Should Be Paid Attention To For Each Processing Method. 

1. Blanking

According To Different Processing Methods, Blanking Can Be Divided Into General Punching, Numerical Punching, Shearing Machine Cutting, Laser Cutting And Wind Cutting. Due To Different Processing Methods, The Processing Technology Of Blanking Is Also Different.Custom Sheet Metal Enclosures  Cutting Methods Mainly Include Numerical Punching And Laser Cutting. 

2. Bending

When The  Metal Electronic Enclosures  Is Bent, On The Fillet Area, The Outer Layer Is Stretched And The Inner Layer Is Compressed. When The Thickness Of The Material Is Constant, The Smaller The Internal R Is, The More Serious The Tension And Compression Of The Material Are; When The Tensile Stress Of The Outer Fillet Exceeds The Ultimate Strength Of The Material, Cracks And Fractures Will Occur. Therefore, The Structural Sheet Metal Enclosure Design Of Bending Parts Should Avoid Too Small Bending Fillet Radius.

 3. Stretching

Sheet Metal Electronic Enclosures: The Fillet Radius Between The Bottom Of The Tensile Part And The Straight Wall Should Be Greater Than The Plate Thickness, That Is, R1 ≥ t. In Order To Make The Stretching More Smoothly, r1= (3~5) t Is Generally Taken, And The Maximum Fillet Radius Should Be Less Than Or Equal To 8 Times The Plate Thickness, That Is, R1 ≤ 8t. The Thickness Of The Material After Stretching Will Change Due To The Different Stress Of The Stretched Parts. Generally Speaking, The Bottom Center Maintains The Original Thickness, The Material At The Bottom Fillet Becomes Thinner, The Material At The Top Near The Flange Becomes Thicker, And The Material At The Fillet Around The Rectangular Tensile Part Becomes Thicker.

 4. Molding

Pressing Ribs On The Plate-Shaped Metal Parts Helps To Increase The Structural Rigidity. Louvers Are Usually Used For Ventilation And Heat Dissipation On Various Covers Or Casings. Their Forming Method Is To Cut The Sheet Metal Enclosure Assembly Through One Edge Of The Punch, While The Rest Of The Punch Simultaneously Stretches And Deforms The Material To Form An Undulating Shape With One Opening.

5. Welding

Welding Methods Mainly Include Electric Arc Welding, Electroslag Welding, Gas Welding, Plasma Arc Welding, Fusion Welding, Pressure Welding And Brazing. Electric Metal Box Products Are Mainly Welded By Electric Arc Welding And Gas Welding.

Arc Welding Is Flexible, Mobile, Widely Applicable, And Can Be Used For All Position Welding; The Equipment Used Has The Advantages Of Simple, Good Durability And Low Maintenance Cost. However, The Labor Intensity Is High And The Quality Is Not Stable Enough, Which Depends On The Level Of The Operator. It Is Suitable For Welding Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum And Other Non-Ferrous Alloys With More Than 3mm. The Flame Temperature And Properties Can Be Adjusted. It Is Suitable For Arc Welding. The Heat Source Is Wider Than The Heat Affected Zone. The Heat Is Not As Concentrated As The Arc, And The Productivity Is Low. It Is Applied To The Welding Of Thin-Walled Structures And Small Pieces, Weldable Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper And Its Alloys, Cemented Carbide, Etc 

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