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YONGUCase EMC/EMI Shielded Enclosure Introduction

YONGUCase has been researching in the field of aluminum enclosure industry for 18 years, this plastic cover EMC/EMI Shielded Enclosure is also one of the products designed by Yongying R&D Department. Next, let me show you the structural features of this product, which will give you more understand in this type enclosure.


Structural Features of EMI Box



Plastic Wrap Shells

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The new mold is fixed with self-tapping screws

 No tapping required for stocking

There are card slots in the new mold, with large rounded corners

 Rounded appearance

The new mold has 2 plastic frames

 Can do without the aluminum bezel



Application of EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures

Application Scenarios

Notes and Examples

Factory, industrial control electrical box Electromagnetic shielding adopts aluminum baffle
Civil digital products Desktop WiFi, set-top box
Need to be fixed on the wall Some require customers to punch holes by themselves
Handheld device Factory crane remote control



Process of EMI Shielding Enclosures

Process Content

Process Points

The shell can be cut to length Unified length of upper and lower shells. ±0.1mm
Plastic end caps can be laser typed Colors are communicated with the factory according to customer requirements
Common to old molds and normal shells The baffle is not chamfered
Plastic end caps are CNC machined with rounded corners

Use aluminum baffles at right angles



Assembly Precautions of EMI RFI Shielded Enclosures

Assembly Steps

Key Points

Tightening the self-tapping screw requires the upper and lower shells to be aligned The new mold requires that the screw head is complete and has hardness. Electric screwdrivers requiring higher power
When screwing the self-tapping screw, it should be vertical to the end face of the casing. If the screw is inclined, it will not be screwed to the end Don't rush to tighten it at the beginning. The front two buttons are required to be vertical
It is recommended that each screw should be installed in a certain hole The size of the self-tapping screw has a tolerance, and it is easy to replace the thread
Do not overtighten the screws. Prevent fracturing of the plastic cover or plastic frame Tighten the screw and observe the deformation reaction of the plastic around the screw

Aluminum Enclosure


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