The rackmount case is an emerging chassis material in recent years. Under the same thickness, aluminum alloy is stronger than steel, so aluminum alloy chassis is lighter in weight and higher in strength than steel chassis. Moreover, the oxidation resistance of aluminum alloy itself is better than that of steel plate, so aluminum alloy chassis generally does not need to be painted. Some high-end cases tend to like to use aluminum alloys.

The aluminum enclosure chassis has good oxidation resistance and better heat dissipation capacity. The all-aluminum chassis is a shell made of aluminum alloy. Because of its convenient processing, high flexibility and high grade, it can effectively improve the added value of the product. It is widely used in the electronics industry, generally including aluminum profile housing and aluminum die-casting housing.

The server chassis is suitable for installing peripheral devices of various electronic products; the assembly and disassembly of each part is convenient and fast, the structure design is simple, and it is extremely convenient in use, which can meet the requirements of various users, especially the front and rear panels can be made according to your requirements, assembly and disassembly is very simple. And there are successful cases in design and functional adaptability for you to choose.

Structural features of the classic product 19-inch chassis series of yongu, supply range:

1. Made of aluminum alloy material, surface anodized multi-color optional;

2. It is assembled with profiles and plates, which is very convenient to assemble and disassemble;

3. The conductive and shielding performance of the aluminum chassis is stronger than that of the sheet metal chassis;

4. Maintenance is very convenient. If a small part of the chassis is damaged, it only needs to be replaced and the damage will disappear, without the need to replace the whole machine;

5. Chassis height: H=1U~4U;

6. Chassis width: W=19″(482.6mm)

7. The depth of the chassis can be customized according to the actual needs of customers;

8. The thickness of the front panel and cover of the chassis can be customized;

9. The aluminum chassis has a good heat dissipation function, and with a toothed cover, it can speed up the heat caused by the equipment.

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