Yongu is a service-oriented intelligent manufacturer focusing on solving the whole solution of aluminum casings. It has established five business divisions of R&D design, sales operation, intelligent manufacturing, surface treatment, and supply chain management, and is committed to providing more customers with solutions. One-stop service for appearance design and structural design, and final production.

Aluminum enclosure order process:

Communication: Communicate with our business personnel according to the needs of customers

Quotation: Our business staff make price estimates based on customer needs

Signing a contract: Sign a contract between the two parties who have a suitable quotation

Product planning: For the instrument enclosure required by the customer, the instrument enclosure personnel are required to formulate plans for the type, series, model, length and size of the aluminum casing that the customer wants

Product design: formulate the aluminum enclosure design task book to design instrument enclosure samples. Including instrument enclosure performance, structure, specification, type, material, internal and external quality, life, reliability, use conditions, technical and economic indicators to be achieved, etc.

Sample delivery: send the prepared aluminum enclosure samples to customers

Acceptance confirmation: The customer confirms the acceptance of the received aluminum casing samples to see if they meet the requirements

Mass production: mass production after customers confirm their satisfaction

The aluminum casing of yongu is a kind of casing formed by aluminum alloy material, which can be used to place instruments, instruments, measuring tools and other applications. It is an ideal casing for high-end instruments. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us