With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the appearance of aluminum enclosures are also getting higher and higher. After the aluminum case is anodized, you can get a smooth, bright and transparent oxide film layer. After coloring, you can get a variety of bright and dazzling surfaces. So what are the precautions for anodizing the surface of the aluminum case?

Precautions for anodizing the surface of the aluminum enclosure:

1. When purchasing raw materials and dyes, you should choose products with high purity, because when there are a little more impurities in general, the dyeing effect will be poor.

aluminum case

2. When a large amount of dyeing is used, the dye solution will be thick at the beginning and then light, and the dyed color will appear different shades. Therefore, attention should be paid to mixing a slightly thicker dye solution in time to maintain the consistency of the dye solution concentration as much as possible.

3. Impurities in aluminum chassis box affect dyeing: if the content of silicon exceeds 2.5%, the bottom film will be gray, and it should be dyed dark. Contains more than 2% magnesium, and the dyeing band is dull. Manganese-containing shades are tender, but not bright. Copper tones are dull and iron tones are grey.

4. During the anodizing process, the aluminum, copper, iron, etc. of the solution in the electrolyte increase continuously, which affects the luster of aluminum. When the aluminum content is greater than 24 g/L, the copper content is greater than 0.02 g/L, and the iron content is greater than 2.5 g/L, the electrolyte should be replaced.

5. When dyeing multiple colors, the light color should be dyed first and then the dark color should be dyed, and then dyed sequentially from yellow, red, blue, brown and black. Before dyeing the second color, the spray paint should be dry, so that the paint is close to the aluminum surface, otherwise the dye will soak in, and the border of the hair will be unclear.

6. After the aluminum parts are washed and oiled, they should be oxidized immediately and should not be left for too long. When aluminum parts are made of oxide film, they should be fully immersed in the electrolyte, and the tank voltage should be stable and consistent from beginning to end. The same batch of products must be completely consistent, which should be followed even when dyeing.

aluminum housing

The above precautions about the oxidation and coloring of aluminum casings, it should be noted that during the oxidation and coloring process of aluminum casings, the higher the temperature, the faster the coloring speed. Yongu's oxidation line has been upgraded after moving to the factory. Now the surface anodizing technology is continuously improved and strengthened, and all types of aluminum casings can be surface anodized. In addition, the length, width and height of the aluminum casing can be selected, and holes can be opened as required. If you have any needs, please contact us!