February 12, 2012 · Written by Mr.Lu

The best Rack Li-Battery Enclosure Box is made by aluminum material. It will have a good heat dispersion and high durability is widely used for protecting Li-Battery, UPS power, Electronic power bank ect. 

In the 21st century, the most common problem in many places is electricity. If you don't have a backup power supply at home, it will bring huge trouble to your life. For some offices, if the server has no backup power supply, the entire server will collapse and the loss will be huge. This is one of the common problems that many people face, and If you're having this problem, you don't need to worry, as there are new backup power cases that can help you protect your power.

Here we are going to share 4 benefits of using aluminum material for power boxes. So, let’s start exploring these benefits.

High Ductility

Aluminum has high ductility in custom design and is used in UPS power supply. This is the first benefit of using a Rack Mount UPS Power, which made by aluminum. it will provide a huge room for power backup for all your electronic devices. When you use the equipment on a daily basis, you don't need to worry about the equipment running out of power.

High Durability

Battery compartments are an ideal solution to supply batteries to electronic instruments from a rack-mounted DC power supply, keeping the batteries in a safe place. The battery has a certain durability. If the durability of the casing is not high, it will cause the battery instrument to burn, which is very unsafe. Therefore, some materials with high durability should be selected for the battery box to ensure the safety of users.


The aluminum battery boxes will prevent the damage to the equipment because high-thickness Bending Aluminum Case have a good crash proof. Don't worry about damage due to collision during use or move. Moreover, the aluminum shell is flame-retardant is not easy to be ignited by overheated lithium batteries.

Save the money

Although the price of aluminum materials is rise steadily, from the electronic product perspective of update speed, aluminum electronic products can be used for a long time.


So, that's the benefit of using an aluminum battery case. If you are faced with the problem of choosing a good battery case, then choosing an aluminum protective case is the best solution, we can also design and customize a battery case for you, which will bring you huge benefits.

High Ductility: With high ductility aluminum, you can design the case in the size you want

High Durability: Aluminum case can be used in long time.

Safety:  Sturdy, Crashproof, flame retardant .

Save Money: You can save a fortune on repeat repairs and purchases

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