Consumers Should Pay Attention To The Following Six Points When Choosing a Amplifier Box:

1.Seriously Check Whether The Interfaces Of The Power Amplifier Chassis Are Complete. An Av Power Amplifier Should Have The Following Basic Input And Output Interfaces: Coaxial, Optical Fiber, Rca Multi-Channel Input Interfaces, Which Are Used To Input Digital Or Analog Audio Signals; Horn Output Interface, Which Is Used To Output Signals To Box Power Ampli.

2.Check Whether The Surround Sound Items Of The Power Amplifier Enclosure Are Complete. At Present, The Popular Embracing Names Mainly Include Dolby Digital And Dts (Digital Thart System). In Addition To 5.1 Channels, 7.1 Channels Have Gradually Become The Mainstream In Recent Years.

3.Check Whether The Power Of All Sound Channels In The Amplifier Sound Box Is Adjustable. Some Low-Cost Power Amplifiers Divide The Two Channels Into Five Channels. If The Sound Is Big, It Will Be Big, And If It Is Small, It Will Be Small. However, Each Channel Of Truly Qualified Av Amplifier Speaker Boxbrands Can Be Adjusted Independently.

4.It Depends On The Weight Of The Amplifier Case Box. Try To Choose a Heavier Model, Because The Power Supply Department Of The Heavier Equipment Is Stronger, And Most Of The Weight Of The Box Amp Comes From The Power Supply And Chassis. The Heavier The Equipment Is, It Implies That It Uses a Larger Transformer Value Or a Capacitor With a Larger Capacity, Which Helps To Improve The Quality Of The Box Power Amplifier Built Up.

5. It Depends On The Output Power Of The Main Channel Of The  Amplifier Case Box

The Continuous Output Power Per Channel Also Needs To Be Paid Attention To When Purchasing. The Higher The Output Power Is, The Louder And Clearer The Sound Can Be Urged. However, Some Stereo Receivers With Only 50W Output Power Show Quite Good Results. Generally, The Output Power Of The Receiver Is 45-130w. At This Moment, Some Top Flagship Receivers Have 5-Channel Output Power Of 200W, But The Price Is Certainly Much Higher. 

6. It Depends On The Harmonic Distortion Of The Amplifier Box Cabinet

Of Course, The Lower The Better. The General Scale Is 0.2%-0.02%5.1 Channel Direct Output. This Is The Home Theater Surround Sound Standard At The Moment Of  Project Amp Box, And The Receiver With Direct 5.1 Channel Interface Is More Refined. An Excellent Receiver With Digital Ready Input Port Should Also Have a 6-Channel Digital Input Interface To Connect With a Special Dual-D Decoder Or Dvd Player With a Built-In Decoder. At The Same Time, Having Such An Interface Also Has Wonderful Room For Upgrading The Presentation Of New Technologies In The Future. Front Panel a/v Input Port Front Input Panel Can Greatly Facilitate The Use Of The Operator. You Can Connect Multiple Devices At The Same Time Without Worrying About The Interface Problem.

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