Are you tired of cramped electrical wires, routers, and tapes on your floors? We can help you. The 19 inch Rack Mount Enclosure are used primarily for servers in the data center. Tons of data servers in different sizes might confuse and intimidate you. Data centers are found in any industry that deals with large amounts of data. There are many things overseen in rack-mounted components. These are the servers monitor, backup unit, modems, and rack enclosures.

If you purchase your 19-inch rack-mount, never be complacent in choosing the perfect aluminum enclosure for you. We have figured it out for you in advance. Our Al 19-inch rack-mount makes it easier to organize your system neatly and effectively. Available in 1U Enclosure, 1.5U Enclosure, 2U Enclosure3U Enclosure, and 4U Enclosure (where the U stands for rack units or U-spaces) 

In a 19-inch rack, one rack unit is approximately 44.45mm high and is used to measure the height of the server. Sometimes, the audio or video industry uses smaller rack units.

Promising Features

The C Series of our Aluminum 19 inch rack mount enclosure is available in 24 models. There is a wide range of enclosure products you can choose from our product catalog that will exactly show you what you need. Check out the promising features of our aluminum19-inch rack enclosure.

Maintains control of high-grade tolerance in CNC precision processing

One huge factor in the rack mount is the cooling of the system. The aluminum alloy is the main component of the enclosure, acting as the best heat dissipator. Allows all the functions simultaneously without overheating. There is proximity in each structure. The aluminum alloy prevents electrical interference from each other.

Aluminum is naturally thicker than steel and is a good choice for an enclosure. It prevents external damages to your wires and tapes. It minimizes dents and malformation. 

Available in1U, 1.5U, 2U, 3U, and 4U, or any customization your industry requires.

Anodized colors, open for customization.

Custom front panel.

Optional extruded side panel available in flat, heatsink, or stripe.


Rack mounting hardware attaches 19-inch rack-mount into walls or other flat surfaces to organize and keep your system in place. Utilization of space is one big thing to consider nowadays that space is limited and data is overflowing. But do not take your rack mount enclosures for granted. They keep your data system in place, protected, and secured. With the CNC Machining services, we offer you the possibilities of your deemed designs, and feel to send us your thoughts. For an organized, fashionable, and promising 19-inch rack-mount enclosure, email us now.