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Custom Aluminum Enclosure That Is Both Waterproof and Dustproof

Custom Aluminum Enclosure That Is Both Waterproof and Dustproof

When protecting delicate electronics and tools from dust and water, YonguCase is the go-to manufacturer for custom aluminum enclosure. Our enclosures are hand-built to ensure they are environmentally safe, long-lasting, and flexible enough to fit your requirements.

Custom Aluminum Enclosures

Top-Notch Security Features

To protect your equipment from harsh environments, we have designed water- and dustproof aluminum enclosures. Important aspects consist of:

IP Ratings

Our inventory includes enclosures with a range of IP (Ingress Protection) classifications, guaranteeing that they will keep out dust and water. We offer a solution that will match your needs, whether it's protection against low-pressure water jets or light dust.

Sealing Solutions

Our custom aluminum enclosure seals dust and watertight. Silicone, O-rings, and gaskets are used for modern sealing.

Product Lifespan

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum is ideal for durable applications. Our enclosures operate well despite vibration, impact, and temperature changes.

Personalization Choices

We know that every application is distinct and calls for tailored design strategies. With our personalization choices, you can make sure that your enclosure fits perfectly with your operating setting while also meeting all technical requirements:

Size and Shape

We provide various sizes for your equipment, from small handheld custom aluminum enclosure to large-scale industrial units.

Options for Mounting

Choose from wall-mount, panel-mount, DIN rail, or portable options to maximize installation and usability in various contexts.


Maintain accessibility while protecting cables, connectors, screens, and interfaces with tailored cutouts.

Finishes and Branding

Powder painting and anodizing are just two of the many finishes you may choose from when customizing your enclosure. You can also add logos or labels to make it uniquely yours.

Businesses We Assist

Countless industries rely on our dustproof and waterproof custom aluminum enclosure due to their dependability and performance:

Electronics and Telecommunications

Indoors and out, safeguard delicate electrical parts and communication devices.

 Industrial Automation

Protect control panels, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other equipment are protected against process and manufacturing automation environmental hazards.

Health and Medicine

Maintain the reliability of all clinically-used medical diagnostic tools, including monitors and devices.


Protect the electrical components and controls of moving vehicles, trains, and airplanes from debris and moisture while they are in use.

Choosing Us: What Makes Sense?

Field of Knowledge

Our extensive background in enclosure design and production informs everything we do, which we bring to every project.

 Ensuring Quality

Since we are dedicated to quality, every enclosure we make is built to last and work reliably, even in the most extreme conditions.


To guarantee top-notch performance and happy users, we emphasize adaptability and personalization to match your application's specific requirements.

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Assisting Customers

To resolve your questions and issues as soon as possible, our committed staff offers helpful support and assistance.

Get in Touch With Us Immediately!

Are you prepared to safeguard your delicate equipment with our aluminum enclosures, which are both watertight and dustproof? Contact YonguCase immediately to speak with our experienced staff about your project needs. We promise to provide bespoke custom aluminum enclosure of the highest quality that will improve the dependability of your operations and go above and beyond your expectations.More details please visit or mail